Reduce Stress

Did you know that 77% of people experience a physical symptom caused by stress? Reduce stress by doing these 5 things.

When I was in elementary school I was always terrified to go to my grandfather’s house. My grandparents lived several hours away which made the anticipation, and my nerves even more unbearable. The reason that I was so afraid to go to see my grandpa was he was brutally honest. When I was young I […]

My dad told me that he has been cherishing his time, and living each day as if it was his last.  Those words got me thinking “What does it really mean to cherish our time?”

Life Lessons From Parents

I had the opportunity to visit with my mom and dad this weekend, and came to the realization of several things.

Ageism a Growing Epidemic

The mankind is experiencing longer age than ever. There are several reasons behind it. One of these can be the increased development in the field of medicine. Whatever the reasons are, the age expectancy is increasing. As a result, we have to strive much harder than before for the survival. Due to the long duration […]

Senior Fitness Mythes Debunked

The idea of fitness changes with the growth of age. There are several misconceptions that are developed in every culture and due to these misconceptions, there are chances that the old people avoid doing things that are beneficial for them.

Ways to Keep Busy in Retirement

Retirement is a time of a great transition. It is a phase that requires a lot of psychological help from family and friends. Like all other transitional phases of life, the time of retirement can be full of anxiety or sometimes depression. It is not easy to let go your habits of years. However, there […]