Teaching Seniors About Technology

Lets face it technology can be confusing even for some of us in the younger generation.  Seniors often find themselves having trouble learning the ins and outs of technology, and how to use technology to make their lives easier and more engaged.  If used right technology can be a great outlet for seniors and their families.  Technology can allow seniors to easily communicate with their loved ones,  keep family member and friends up to date with what is going on in their lives, and even have daily conversations with their grandchildren! Here are a few essentials to keep in mind when introducing your senior loved one to technology:

Be patient with your senior loved one

As I mentioned above using new technology can be challenging for seniors.  They are not always use to how fast the world is changing around them.  The way we communicate is changing with social media platforms, text, and instant messaging platforms.  Give your senior loved one the encouragement that they need to continue to learn how to use to technology they are trying to adapt to.

If your senior loved one is having challenges learning how to use social media their are plenty of great free resources available online to make the process easier.  Take a look at the following resource available from Senior Care Corner.

Take your time introducing new tech to seniors

It is much easier to learn how to use technology one piece at a time.  Take the time to brainstorm what technology platforms will make the biggest difference to the seniors life. What are they trying to accomplish? What specific tasks are they attempting to make easier.  Is the task communication? or is it making new friends? or getting involved in a group online? or learning something new? there are plenty of opportunities for your senior loved one to do all of the following and more online.  That being said it is key to sit down with them and address what they hope to accomplish with the help of technology.

Enroll a Senior in a Class on Technology

The other day I went to the library and they were offering free computer courses for seniors.  I am sure that my local library is not the only one in the world offering this type of course for seniors and other adults.  Take advantage of these opportunities to teach a senior the fundamentals of how to use technology.  Be a leader and go with them to these courses.  It is much easier and more fun to learn when you share the engagement and new leanings with your loved one.

Where should you and your senior loved one start

I am consistently asked what are the best social media platforms for seniors to start on, and what are the best mobile devices for seniors.  Their is no straightforward answer for this question as it depends on again what the seniors goals are with the platform or tool.  That being said in my opinion the easiest social media platform for a senior to learn and use on a daily basis is facebook.com.  As far as mobile devices Samsung has a pretty cool feature on their galaxy line to make the phone more basic.  Start with the basics on the Samsung device and let the senior work their way to using the device with all of the features.








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