Seniors and Driving

Driving an automobile can be dangerous for people of all ages but especially for seniors.  Did you know that the chance of a fatal crash rise after a person has reached the age of 70? There are several warning signs to be aware of when it comes to seniors safely being on the road.  AAA offers a free self assessment if you are interested in your own ability to drive on the open road.  The assessment is only 15 questions.  A few of the key warning signs are:

Damage to a seniors vehicle

One of the most obvious indications that it may be time for a senior to stop driving is an increase in damage to the seniors vehicle. The damage can be minimal like scratches and dings to more excessive damage.  If you notice that your senior loved one appears to have damage to their vehicle it is important to jump on the situation as soon as possible and find out what factors caused the damage.

Forgetting where the senior was going

With old age often comes memory loss.  Memory loss could possibly be an indication of Alzheimer’s disease.  Seniors who get in a vehicle and forget where they are going frequently should be cause for alarm.  What happens if your loved one forgets how to get back home? or forgets the rules of the road.  If you believe your loved one is having problems remembering where they are going it may be time to look into other options for transportation.  Have you looked into homecare services? Now may be the time.

Senior is experiencing an increase in traffic tickets

We all must abide by the laws of the road.  If your loved one is getting more and more speeding tickets or other moving violations it may be time to take away the keys.  An increase is moving violations is not just physically dangerous for a senior but it can also be financially challenging.  If you see this issue occurring in your seniors life make sure they understand the rules of the road, and access them at the same time.

There are many options available for seniors who may no longer be able to operate a motor vehicle.  From public transportation to Uber it is becoming easier to live a life without having to have access to a vehicle of your own.  Home care may also be a great option for a senior looking to commute without having to drive an automobile them self. Have you had to take away your parents keys? What was your approach? Leave a comment down below.



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