Marketing a Home Care Franchise – Part 1

Marketing a home care franchise can be challenging especially if you do not have any experience in marketing tactics that drum up business.  Many home care businesses fail because they are unable to establish a reach in their community.  The good news is there is a lot of opportunity to market your home care business at an affordable cost.  Competition is fierce in the home care industry so it is key that you put some of these methods for exposure in place.  I do want to also mention that in the home care industry it is vital that your marketing plan includes both strategies for gaining new clients, and strategies for acquiring and retaining caregivers.  You cannot possibly be successful in the home care industry if you have problems marketing to either of these categories.  Here are a few good places to start getting some exposure.

Facebook Marketing for Home Care Franchises

In the home care industry your target market is the family of potential clients.  These are typically the people who are making the decisions around the care of the senior loved one.  That being said it is key that you choose the social media platforms, and messaging the appeal to your target demographic.  From my experience working in the home care industry I suggest that the first place you go is Facebook.  Why Facebook? The reason I would suggest Facebook is because the cost of exposure is relatively low, and the potential to reach your home care target market is high.

In order to be successful on Facebook and get your home care messaging to your audience you are going to need to spend some money.  Keep in mind that the budget that you allot for Facebook and other social media platforms does not have to be a lot.  My suggestion would be to boost at least 2-3 of your Facebook messages every week.  Choose the messages that you believe have the highest possibility of converting potential customers.  The messaging could be a post that sends traffic to an article of the benefits of home care, or a whitepaper about how homecare combats senior loneliness.  As I mentioned before the messaging that you decide to invest in should move potential leads through the buyer’s journey.  Remember you ultimate goal is to attract new clients, and your messaging should deliver value to them, and your business.

How Much Should You Spend of Facebook Advertising?

The great thing about Facebook advertising is you do not have to spend a lot to get your home care business in front of a lot of people.  I suggest to budget around 50 dollars a week to spend on boosting posts.  Boosting posts is a great marketing strategy because you can choose your targeting.  You can set up your boosted posts to target the exact audience that can delivery your business the most value.  For more information on how to set up targeted audiences using Facebook ads take a look at this article by Facebook.

Make sure that you post frequently to continue to engage your audience throughout the week.  You do not need to post to Facebook everyday especially if you are delivering great content but be consistent. Posting 3-4 times a week is a good goal to shoot for.  Finally make sure that you are engaging with other Facebook pages other than your own.  Why would you expect people to come and like your page and engage if you are unwilling to engage with others?

As far as content to share on Facebook I always suggest a mix.  Write some of your own content in the form of a blog on your website and send traffic there.  One of your key KPI’s for social media should be a steady increase in the amount of clicks from social media to your site.

It is also OK to share some curated content throughout the week to promote engagement on your business page.  A few home care sites that I recommend for finding great content to share are Next Avenue, and Aging Care.  Remember to also promote local content that would appeal to your demographic as well.  Example: Food drives, local senior stories.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is key to driving traffic to your website.  All businesses need to invest some time into learning SEO tactics and putting these tactics in place.  There are many variables that can improve or negatively impact your websites SEO.  I am not going to cover all of those factors in this article but I will cover a few that can be put in to place quickly and are effective.  If you are looking to learn more about SEO and SEO best practices search engine land has written an article on best practices here.

One of the best ways to improve your home care website visibility is to keep keywords in mind when you are writing website content.  Doing research around what keywords to target, and which keywords can drive the most valuable traffic to your home care businesses website is very important.  Home care is very specific to a geographic area so I suggest targeting long tail keywords that include your target geographic area.  For example: Home care services in Hamilton, OH.  Putting this kind of strategy in place when developing your website content will lead to the right people landing on your website. Take a look at this article on how to target specific keywords using your website content.


In next week’s blog post part 2 I will cover the best way to make a marketing impact in your geographic market using direct mail, event marketing, and email marketing techniques. If you have any experience or suggestions on the topic be sure to include these in the comments below.


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