Marketing a In-Home Care Franchise – Part 2

In this blog post we cover several additional ways that an in-home care franchise can market their services to the community.  If you did not read part 1 in my series covering social media marketing and SEO.  In today’s post I want to talk about several additional tactics that can help elevate the reach of your in-home care business.  These tactics include both email marketing, and direct mail campaigns.  Both forms of marketing can be incredibly effective for in-home care providers if done right.  It is important to note that there is no magic form of marketing for in-home care franchise or any small business.  Effective marketing tacks a lot of time, analysis, and adjustments to yield optimal results.

Email Marketing for In-Home Care Franchise

Email marketing has become a very popular form of outbound marketing over the course of the last few years.  The goal of email marketing is to develop content that potential leads want to read that moves them through the sales funnel.  Email marketing involves building a list of contacts that are interested in receiving your business correspondence.  Remember that sending cold emails or emails to people who do not want to receive your emails is bad business and can get you into trouble.  The email contacts that have the highest conversion rates are the ones who opt into receiving emails from your business.

How to Build an Email List for Your In-Home Care Franchise

Building a quality list of contacts for your in-home care franchise can take a lot of time and effort but it is worth it.  The best way I have found to build email lists is to promote some gated content on your website.  In order to do so you need to have a piece of collateral that your target market would deem as valuable enough to provide their information.  Think about the information that you want in exchange for the collateral that you are providing.  In my professional opinion the less info that you ask for the more return you are going to get for your time and investment.

Another method of building a list is advertising a monthly newsletter on your website.  Some of your website traffic may be interested in continually learning information about your business.  Remember you need to have a strategy behind all of the content on your newsletter, and gated content.  What stage of the buyer’s journey are you trying to appeal to? Addressing this question can help you figure out what kind of assets you need to promote.  Do yourself a big favor and actively promote content for all stages in the buyer’s journey.  If you are not sure what kind of content to promote for each stage here is a great article by Hubspot the covers that topic.

Direct Mail Campaigns for In-Home Care Franchise

Direct mail does not work effectively in all industries but in-home care franchise marketing is an exception.  Your in-home care business has a target geographic market.  Often times franchise owners own a set of zip codes that they are able to serve.  This is an advantage for direct mail campaigns.  There are many local services including Fedex that can help you set up a target list based on your demographic and send your content.

The key to success with direct mail is how well you target and what kind of value you provide the recipients of your content.  Take the time to really think about who in your community would receive the most value from your services.  Finally, it is key that your messaging gives your target market a reason to contact you.  Some suggestions are to provide them with a discount for becoming a new client, or invite them to an event to learn more about in-home care franchise services and how these services can help them or their loved ones.

Do you have experience with in-home care marketing? What strategies have worked for you?


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