Understanding Respite Care and the Benefits

By definition respite care is the temporary care of a senior or other adult that provides relief to a family caregiver.  Many senior care services are beginning to pay more attention on marketing their respite care services as more studies come out regarding the hardship of family caregiving.  One of the most interesting studies I have found regarding family caregiving and the challenges involved was performed by The National Institute on Aging. 

The study found that prolonged family caregiving duties can negatively affect a caregiver’s mental and physical health.   Family caregiving obligations can also cause strain within a family.  Being a family caregiver requires individuals to give up a lot of the time they would have spent taking care of their own obligations.  The good news is that respite care allows caregivers an opportunity to address some of the challenges they may face.

Respite Care Provide Relief and Renewal

The biggest benefit to respite care is it provides relief and renewal.  Family caregivers who receive a few hours of respite care a week are able to perform tasks around their own home, and with their family they may have been neglecting.  Respite care can also allow family caregivers to take care of their own health for example working out, or going to enjoy some much need relaxation.

Respite Care Puts a Situation in Perspective

Another key benefit to respite care is it allows a family caregiver to put their situation into perspective, and reduce their stress for a period of time.  It is important that we all take the time to step back to gain proper understanding of our current situations and possibly think of new ways to approach it.  Family caregiving can also cause emotions to run high. 

Respite Care Can Help Renew Appreciation For Your Loved One

Many family caregivers are taking care of their loved ones, and in many cases their mom or dad.  It is easy to forget that these people had a huge impact in our lives and one day they will be gone.  Respite care can allow you to remember why you are sacrificing so much for the people you love.  The struggles of family caregiving can often cause family caregivers to forget. 

Respite Care Can Give You Time to Work on Yourself

We all have goals and things we would like to accomplish in our life.  Respite care can give you a few much needed hours a week to pursue these goals.  You would be amazed at how much can be accomplished in just a few short hours.

Family caregiving is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences many of us have to face. Don’t forget that in order to provide the best care for your loved one you need to take care of yourself.  Respite care is a great option if you are looking for some temporary relief throughout the week to focus on yourself and the rest of your family.  Most in-home care franchises around the country offer respite care for an affordable cost.


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