Trump’s plans for senior care, and what it means for you

The Trump administration is planning to remove most of Obamacare and replace it with something much worse for seniors

Trump has labelled Obamacare a disaster. Repeatedly saying in interviews and on Twitter, that it simply doesn’t work, and it’s bad for Americans and the American economy.

With the release of the republicans’ health care plan, set to eventually replace Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), there’s been a lot of talk about who this actually benefits.

Older Americans and what the Republican Health Care Plan means for them

Healthcare is quite a knotty issue, and how you look at it determines your point of view. For some, the idea of making health care (and health insurance) more affordable for younger people is a good thing. And, looked in a certain light, older Americans won’t really be paying more.

Until you look at what the proposed health care plan is saying.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurers could only charge older Americans three times more than younger policy holders. However, this new policy could push that to five-to-one.

In terms of numbers it means adults aged 60 to 64 are looking at their premiums potentially soaring 22%. Essentially, going from around $3,200 to a staggering $18,000. For those in their 50s, the increase could be as much as 13%; or going from $1,500 a year to around $11,000.

The other potential problem is that this Republican Health Care Plan probably won’t provide the same tax credit as Obamacare—it’s possible the tax credit from the GOP will be over $2,500 less a year for those making $40,000 a year.

Republican Health Care Plan puts Americans aged 50-64 at risk

The AARP has said:

“This bill would weaken Medicare’s fiscal sustainability, dramatically increase health care costs for Americans aged 50-64 and put at risk the health care of millions of children and adults with disabilities, and poor seniors who depend on the Medicaid program for long-term services and supports and other benefits.”

This letter, written by a senior vice president at AARP highlights yet another influential group poking holes through a proposal that seems flawed and haphazard.

There are a few things which aren’t flawed: like the things the republicans aren’t planning on repealing, such as protections for people with pre-existing conditions and allowing young people to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until 26.

However, on the whole, the republicans’ proposal sounds like it will leave the majority of America worse off.

Republican Health Care Plan still only a proposal

It’s important to keep in mind, it’s only a proposal. And while it sounds terrible (because if you’re over 40 or earning under $40,000/year it is), the proposal has yet to be voted in.

By all accounts, if the republican’s health care plan is voted in, then senior care in America is about to get a whole lot harder. It’s also going to get a lot more expensive.

If the Republican Health Care Plan is voted in with all these penalties to older Americans, the face of senior care in this country is going to be changed completely. And for the worse.



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