Making Money Blogging: A Great Hobby For Seniors

Let me start out this post by saying that making money blogging is not an easy venture, but it can be accomplished by putting in a significant amount of time, effort, and in some cases money.  The good news is that anyone with access to a computer, and basic writing skills can create a blog, and develop a following.  The best approach to making money blogging is to first figure out what you are passionate about, and what you could easily talk about with the world.  If you eventually want to make money blogging it is always best to focus around a specific niche, and overtime become the go to place for subject matter in your chosen area.  Before I go into detail as to why blogging is a good option for seniors I also want to mention that making money blogging does not happen overnight.  You will need to dedicate time and energy developing topics around your niche that people will want to engage with, share, and hopefully contribute to.  I also feel the need to mention that I am in no way a professional blogger.  I blog because I enjoy sharing my experience, knowledge, and insights.

Why Seniors Should Consider Blogging

There are many reasons as to why blogging would make a great hobby for seniors.  One of the most mentionable reasons is that it allows them to keep up to date with technology, and learn more about digital communications.  There is no better way to learn technology then to get online, and teach yourself new skills.  There are plenty of how to videos, and other resources online to teach people how to set up a blog, contribute to it, and analyze its success.  Blogging also gives seniors a chance to learn, and enhance their social media skills.  Making money blogging involves both writing content, and figuring out ways to share it….hence the new social media knowledge.

Another key reason why seniors would make great bloggers is they have had life experiences that many of us younger generation have not had.  Why is this important? Well for one it gives seniors access to a wealth of subject matter to transform into consumable content that engages an audience.  People are looking to engage with blogs that deliver quality, and unique perspectives.  There is also an untapped opportunity in blogging for seniors because there aren’t that many seniors doing it.  Blogging is often looked at as a young a hip practice, but the times are changing, and all generations are beginning to see the value of contributing to online conversations.  Are you going to be the next senior blogger success? You can be!

Besides being an outlet to share experiences with the world blogging is also a great way that seniors can combat loneliness, and enrich their lives in a new way.  I find in my own life that blogging gives me another purpose, and a part of my day that I look forward to.  Blogging creates an avenue to build a network, and have conversations with people from all over the world.  The moral of the story is that blogging is an awesome way for seniors and other adults to connect and build meaningful relationships.

How Should Senior Get Started

There are tons of blogging platforms out there that are easy to set up, and easy to manage.  It really depends what your blogging goals are.  If you are looking to jump right into blogging today I would suggest looking at blogging platforms like Blogger, or Tumblr.  Both options are very easy to set up, and contribute quickly.  If you want a platform that has more customization capabilities, and SEO features then I would suggest looking into  At the end of the day this is going to be your blog, and place you build your network so it’s best to weigh the pros, and cons of all of the blogging sites you are considering.  Don’t forget, there are a ton of bloggers out their talking about the best practices of blogging.  May be worth a quick Google search do assist in your research.

Final Thoughts About Making Money Blogging

Some bloggers are very fortunate to be able to make a career out of their blogs.  For others, they have yet to make a penny off of their effort.  If you enjoy writing, and are up for a challenge then blogging may be for you.  Just remember that the most successful blogs are the ones that deliver unique messages that people actually want to read, and engage with.  Writing content that is consumable and shareable involves passion outside of the idea of gaining financial success.  If you have an idea for a blog that would add value to the lives of others, and the time to dedicate then what is stopping you? Age should not stand in your way.

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