Seniors and Social Media

Why older Americans should be using social media

The idea that people over 50 don’t use social media is archaic. Especially since, over 50s are one of the fastest growing demographics on Facebook.

For those who are familiar with Facebook, this should come as no surprise. More than any other platform, Facebook makes it easier to connect with friends and family as well as learn more about brands and charities you want to keep up with.

Benefits of social media for people over 50

Here are some benefits of social media:

Staying connected

Social media has allowed grandparents to connect with their grandparents, their great grandparents and even old college roommates, school friends and old neighbourhood friends.

Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest allow us to view videos, read blogs, share photos and talk with people.

Staying informed

Social media allows you to research about topics that interest you. And with more intuitive search functionality, social media excels at putting the most relevant information in front of you.

The internet has allowed over 50s to learn more about new products as well as do things like study genealogy and learn new skills.

Start a new business

The internet is credited with revolutionising a lot of things. Most of it’s just hype…or advertising. One thing the internet has made easier than ever is starting a new business.

Whether you are looking to sell crafts, offer coaching advice, start freelance writing or consulting, the internet is providing over 50s with the resources to start a new business.

For over 50s who are struggling to find work, for reasons such as age or health, social media and online networking and productivity tools can help them earn money and work from home.

Take advantage of online sales

Social media allows everyone to follow their favorite brands and businesses. By following their favorite brands online, over 50s can take advantage of promotional opportunities and online sales.

Quite often brands and businesses will provide freebies and discounts only available via Facebook or Twitter.


This has to be the biggest reason after staying in touch that anyone, irrespective of their age, uses social media. You can watch old black and white videos, read ebooks, articles, find song lyrics and follow what your favorite performers are up to.

Seniors and social media

Being on social media has a great many benefits for seniors; from staying connected with friends and family, to starting a business, grabbing a great deal and learning a new skill.

As social media becomes more and more a part of everyday life, over 50s are increasingly adopting social media platforms. Platforms like Twitter make talking with brand representatives easier than ever before, and YouTube lets you find old videos to enjoy.

The internet, and by extension social media, has been a fantastic way to connect as well as reconnect, and help over 50s stay active, stay aware and keep making money even if conventional businesses won’t have them.


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