Best Advice for Living Over 100

Living to 100 sounds nice, doesn’t it? Think of all the things you would get to see, the people you would meet, the change in the world you would witness.

Living longer is quite a popular concept. There are entire industries dedicated to making people look younger for as long as possible.

But looks aside, what’s the best advice for living over 100?

7 pieces of advice on living over 100

What you will notice about the list to follow is how eclectic it is. Everything from shopping and drinking, to oral hygiene and sleeping. This list is a small number of things you can do if you want to live to be over 100.

1.       Go out every day.

Get out of the house every day, even if it’s only to walk around the block—the important this is to keep moving.

2.       Find reasons to laugh.

A study published showed that a group of 243 centenarians all had a love of laughter. Because, as we know, laughter is good for us.

3.       Go shopping regularly.

Another study has said those who shop frequently live longer—this study was conducted with men and women over 65 and found that “daily shopping lowered risk of death by 28% of men and 23% of women.”[1]

4.       Good oral hygiene

Poor oral health is associated with a shorter life expectancy. Brushing and flossing regularly as well as eating a well-balanced diet will go a long way to helping you live longer.

5.       Drink alcohol (in moderation)

Drinking a glass or two of alcohol a day could help middle-aged, and older, adults live longer. Of course, more than 2 glasses a day, and you increase the risk of an early death by 30%. So, while it’s a fine line, having a glass of red wine, or a little whiskey at night can be a good thing.

6.       Go on vacation more

There’s actually a study that says the more frequently people take vacations the longer they live. So, you should definitely take that 4 weeks of vacation time a year. Every year. Relaxing, exploring new places and having fun can actually contribute to living longer. Why not do it?

7.       Get plenty of sleep—but not too much sleep

A 2010 study showed that people who don’t get adequate sleep die younger; compared to those who get the right amount of sleep. The study concluded that people who got fewer than six hours sleep a night, where four times more like to die early.[2]

How to live to be over 100

The best way to live to be over 100 is to eat well, exercise a little, don’t take life too seriously, value experiences and memories over money and generally just enjoy yourself, your friends and your family.

The best advice is: never forget life is meant to be enjoyed.

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[2] Ibid


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