The Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Did you know adult coloring books are beneficial for your emotional, mental and intellectual health?

Adult coloring books enjoyed phenomenal success three or four years ago, and since then you can get everything from Harry Potter adult coloring books, to Game of Thrones, Discworld and Dr. Who.

While they are principally used for entertaining, there are a surprising number of health benefits to regularly using adult coloring books.

4 benefits of adult coloring books

The use of coloring books has great benefits to help stress, improve creativity, and even has helped people with mental and emotional health issues.

1.       Alternative to meditation

Psychologists have been prescribing adult coloring as early as Carl Jung’s time. Jung thought it would help patients access their subconscious, and many modern psychologists recommend it as a meditation alternative.

By focusing on coloring intricate pictures for hours on end, it forces your mind away from everything else except what’s in front of you.

2.       Remove the focus from negative habits

Adult coloring books have helped people with obsessive-compulsive disorders for similar reasons to the first point. The hours spent in focusing on the adult coloring book helps to remove the focus from the negative habit to a safe and productive outlet in the coloring book.

3.       Intellectual stimulation

Using a coloring book for intellection stimulation sounds strange. But if you’ve seen an adult coloring book you’ll know they are full of fine detail and intricate patterns. When using a coloring book, you have to think about: color choice, balance, applying pencil to paper as well as fine motor skills and problem solving.

This has potential for use in occupational therapy when it comes to having to retrain the brain—coloring increasingly difficult designs could be hugely beneficial for skills retraining.

4.       Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can, for some people, sound too new age for comfort, but practicing mindfulness has practical health-related benefits. If you’ve even been laid up in a hospital either pre- or post-op, it’s mind-numbingly boring. You have little to do but dwell on your current situation. Which isn’t all that healthy.

Replacing those negative thoughts with keeping the pencil in between the lines and deciding on what color to use next and how you want to the whole page to look will take your mind off your current situation. The benefit being you’re no longer dwelling on the negative of your situation but rather the enjoyment of the project in front of you.

The many benefits of adult coloring books

These are just 4 of the benefits that come with using adult coloring books. They are highly effective for many other reasons, and the idea behind keeping someone occupied through entertainment and problem-solving is a time-tested method of therapy.

Why not, next time you pass a bookstore or you’re browsing online, check out the wonderful world of adult coloring books. These fun, beneficial, coloring books could brighten up your day, or the day of a loved one.

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