Seven Life Lessons To Ponder!

This is a guest post written by: Tom Mobley (

Having in all likelihood lived half of my life I am finding myself at a very interesting place. I am now in year 6 of dealing with my mothers Alzheimer journey. During that time I have had a kid graduate high school, soon to graduate college and then get married. Another child is set to graduate high school. And our third child is now a teenager. I lost a job after 10+ years with the same company not once but twice. However now find myself happier than ever in my work. As a child I was raised by a single parent who never married. Recently I discovered that the person whom I thought was my father, is not really my father. And in the last week an older brother who was put up for adoption 4 years before I was born has discovered me.

Honestly at times I want a do-over, but life doesn’t work that way, we can only “do-forward”. To say that I have been reflecting a lot lately is an understatement. With that in mind, here are seven things for us to consider.

1. We all make mistakes and they will follow us. Some times what starts off as some thing small ends up being huge over time.

2. Things may not always be what they appear.

3. No good deed goes unpunished.

4. There will always be reactions to your actions.

5. Some may not understand what you did, others will disagree with it and some will celebrate your struggles.

6. You rarely will go wrong with truth and transparency.

7. Seeking guidance through prayers and/or meditation is always a good idea, but we need to rely on this from the start and not toward the end. We might not have as many problems if we did.

Happy pondering!


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