A lot of people do not know that they can make a huge difference in their community even with the busy lives they lead. People seem to be so into themselves these days; some do not even know who their next door neighbors are, let alone how they can be of help and make a difference in the community. Yes, times are hard now and these times have shown that connecting with others in the community might be something difficult to do, but the thing is, it is not impossible and they are a whole lot of ways and reasons as to why we should really try to make an effort. So, how or in what way can we make a difference in our communities? Here are is a list of ways in which we can make our communities better, much more healthy, and loving for everyone including ourselves;


One of the ways that has helped us move forward into the future is volunteering. Volunteering is a great way of making a difference in the community and it has been proven to enrich lives and create real friendship with people from different races, class and cultures; people you wouldn’t meet on a normal basis. Besides the relationship benefits, it also makes those around you see you as a good example, and also help you improve skills that benefit you on your job, such as teamwork and creative thinking.


Whether schools are out or not, helping a child grow physically, mentally, and educationally is one great way of improving the community. There are lots of kids who need help with assignments, school projects, test preparation, etc. Helping these kids out is a really great deed as you can make a positive impact in the future of this kids within a few hours. You can call on the schools in your area to know how you can get involved.


Seniors or the elderly are the backbone of every community, but sadly, they are the ones often overlooked. As a matter of fact, they are a lot of men and women in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s who are in a nursing home and have got no friends or family to come visit them. It might be hard to believe but it’s true. You can make a difference though by contacting some assisted living facilities or nursing homes in the area so you’ll be able to know if there’s anyone who could use some of your time, attention, care, and kind words. You don’t know how much improvement you can make in a person’s life or on a person’s well-being just by having a conversation with them or playing a game of checkers.


There are some of us who do not have “care facilities” in our area. It doesn’t matter though; you can take the initiative and start one yourself. You might be surprised that there are people around you who have the same notion but just looking for someone to help them take the first step. Whether it’s a sport club for kids or any age group, or interest group like crafting night, book clubs, etc. take up the initiative and you’ll surely find people that will turn up to support you and will appreciate the fact that you stepped up and took the leadership role. You can even make use of social media to create a club for the people in your area/city.


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