Home care vs. retirement home- Which one is better?

Caring for the loved one who is elderly involves a lot of things. There are some situations in which people needs to have the helping hand for the care of seniors. However, deciding between the two options i.e. home care and retirement home is difficult. Both of these options has their own pros and cons.

A home care:

Home care is a type of care in which you hire a professional help for the care of an elderly loved one. The main aim is to provide quality health care services to the elderly. The professional person helps the elderly in performing their daily activities. The time duration for which this help can be hired varies. Some can have it for few hours or some can also hire a professional for 24/7.

Retirement home:

The next option that is available for the care of an elderly includes retirement homes. These are the homes that provide each and every health and basic facility to the elderly living in it. It is like a community for older people in which they live together and perform daily activities. Retirement homes provide a lot of facilities for the residents including a room to live, furniture, medical help and other.

The difference between home care and retirement home:

To understand the difference between both of these points, following points should be considered:

1.      Access to care facilities:

When caring for elderly at home, you can have the health care facilities easily. There are a lot of agencies that are working to provide professional health care help to the people. You can also hire a physician or a therapist who can visit the elderly in home. Residential homes, on the other hand, are the best places where anyone can have the health care facilities at once. As the medical professional is available for every single minute, the elderly can have a proper and professional care.

2.      Familiarity with the environment:

Older people needs to have a familiarity with the environment in which they will be living. This can be attained only in the house where they can relate to the surroundings. It is also essential for their mental well-being. Residential homes, on the other hand, does not allow them to live in a familiar environment but there are some people who prefer living with other people of their age as compared to living at their house alone.

3.      The cost of health care facilities:

The last but not the least factor that is to be considered includes the cost of the health care facilities. On general, it is noted that people can have all the facilities at home but they are quite expensive. In residential care houses, the cost for the care of elderly is much less.


Both of these caring facilities has their own advantages and disadvantages. There is a need to select the one that best suits the requirement of a family.


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