Ageism: A Growing Epidemic

The mankind is experiencing longer age than ever. There are several reasons behind it. One of these can be the increased development in the field of medicine. Whatever the reasons are, the age expectancy is increasing. As a result, we have to strive much harder than before for the survival. Due to the long duration of age, the years of working also increases. Not every government has the capacity to support the citizens. The long span of working has created several issues and one of the major issues is ageism.

About ageism:

The ageism is used to refer the profound and deep prejudice against the elderly population of a country. In short, it can be said that ageism is a stereotyped behavior with the aged people due to their old age. The concept is growing with every passing day in almost every society. However, the extent can vary from culture to culture. There are several examples that can be seen in the television, movies, stores, advertisements, hospitals and especially at the workplaces.

Ageism exists in different forms when it comes to the workplace. The first one is during the employment when employees have to face discriminatory behavior due to several reasons. The next form of ageism prevails in the hiring process. This one is considered to be the most difficult one and it is hard to control it. It is a bitter truth that companies prefer to hire people of young age instead of the ones that have years of experience and expertise.

The effects of ageism:

A human is a social animal, they cannot live without the support of each other. Each and every single action has a great impact on the people. This is the case with ageism too. Whenever someone faces discriminatory behavior on the basis of age, they experience some negative impacts. A study conducted by a psychologist Becca Levy shows that old people undergo hurtful feelings due to ageism. Also, it will have a negative impact on their lifespan.

On the other hand, if the old age people are treated with extreme care and they are provided with the respect they deserve, there are chances of mental growth in that age too. Moreover, the increase of contentment with the life is also noted. Highlighting the issue of ageism is a result of the collaboration of different institutions like media or peer. Media has the power to portray the message to the whole society and when something happens on a large scale, it becomes a part of the culture. The psychologists also related the growing number of plastic surgeries of old age people to the issue of ageism. Combating ageism has become an essential concern for all the cultures around the world. New techniques and methods should be created to solve the issues faced by the aged population.


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