Communicating with Alzheimers Sufferer

We all know that the Alzheimer’s disease affects people mentally. It basically impacts the person’s ability to recall past events and can dramatically alter that individual’s capacity for communication.

Overcoming Stress

If there is one way to best define dealing with stress, it has to be breathing in and out. And that is actually the best way to overcome stress and de-focus yourself from it – according to many experts.

senior exercise

Let’s face it – there are so many reasons that tend to slow us down as we age. Many seniors find it hard to exercise because of their health problems, weight or pain issues or worries about failing.

funding in-house care

Are you planning to get some help for the care of your loved one? If yes, the next thing you will be considering is the way through which you can manage it financially.

thinking about respite care

Caring for an elderly is a difficult task which is why you need some professional help for that. The respite care is basically a term that is used for having a short term professional support for the care of an elderly.

home care vs retirement home

Deciding between the home care and retirement home for your senior loved one can be very difficult.

The Importance of Staying Connected

More than anything else, more than the fun, more than the brain training, or reading news articles or watching cat videos—staying connected is the biggest reason seniors should be (and are) on social media.