stages of alzheimers

The stages of Alzheimer’s have been divided into three stages and into 7 stages.

summer safety tips for seniors

These summer safety tips for seniors are all about helping seniors stay healthy and happy this summer.

Job Hunting Tips for Seniors

Just like it has in every industry, the economic downturn has had some really serious impact on the older workforce.

Stop Elder Abuse

A lot of uncompensated caregivers (adult children, spouses, friends, and relatives) find caring for a senior quite satisfying and enriching. However, as appealing as caregiving may be, it can become somewhat stressful for a caregiver.

Workplace Ageism

Discriminating against anyone in the workplace simply because of their assumed or actual age is against the law.

Seniors and Technology

Technology has seen a lot of improvement over the years, and this means over the course of adult lifetimes.

Brain Health

Our brain function doesn’t have to fade simply because we are growing older. A lot of people go about taking care of their physical health, lifting weight and going through with other exercises but fail to think about the health of their brain.